Volkswagen Transporter, a better investment than a classic car

There aren’t many vehicles today that offer so much in the way of fun, versatility that you can depend on, the Volkswagen Transporter however has consistently delivered. The first generation T1, commonly knows at the Microbus, Split screen or ‘Splittie’ amongst enthusiasts, was first design in the late 1940’s as a panel van was designed and conceived by Dutchman Ben Pon, under the rein of Heinrich Nordhoff, chief of Volkswagen at Wolfsburg.

The Volkswagen Transporter and it’s many variants

Volkswagen Transporter T1After it’s launch the T1 quickly became an enormous success with variants such as Kombi, Crew cab pick up, Samba bus and Westfalia models, the T1 is believed to be the first campervan ever made with nothing even coming close to it’s success or desirability. More variants of the T1 were manufactured ranging from Fire engines, police vehicles, refrigerated, hearses, ambulances, in short the T1 dramatically changed the transportation industry for business and pleasure.

The evolution of the Transporter

Over the years there have been many variants, after the success of the T1 the T2 bay window model was launched with all new body design, suspension and gearbox. The variants kept coming with T2 models being sold globally for it’s diverse range of uses. One notable invention was the ‘pop top’. This elevating roof design allowed people to stand when stationery accommodate more people allowing 4 people to be transported and sleep in the vehicle. This new featured spawned a whole new vehicle with companies specialising in converting the T2 into camper vans.

A sound investment

As the years passed many more variants we created, the T25, the T4, T5 and today the T6. Still today the Volkswagen Transporter is the most converted vehicle for camping, and it’s this very feature that has made the Volkswagen Transporter one of the soundest investments you could ever wish for. It’s growth in popularity has made it a stable and sound purchase, a far greater investment than a classic car.

The multi purpose vehicle for everyone

We’ve see many new vehicle types introduced over the years, MPV’s SUV’s and more however nothing has even come close to the boundless uses a Volkswagen Transporter offers.

The TDi models such as the T4 2.5 TDi and PD engine models in the T5 and T6 models make it a useable everyday vehicle for families and more. A vehicle you can use to commute to work, school run, long road trip or holiday. It’s reliability, build quality and appeal is still today unrivalled.
If you’re looking to purchase a Volkswagen Transporter and would like to talk about the various conversion we offer, please feel welcome to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.


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