If you’re looking for a Transporter that’s next level, look no further.

Our range of custom modifications and upgrades have been researched and developed over many years to deliver a refined performance that drives point to point with precision.


The Volkswagen Transporter has suffered many issues with racks over the years with wear and poor performance. We use a modified rack that’s fitted and tuned to the specific vehicle. With a new pump this is smoother, far more responsive and doesn’t ‘knock’ on lock to lock.


One of the most important components that seems to get neglected at time. We don’t believe in outrageous modifications that shorten the life of the motor however we do love to refine such an incredible powerplant. We offer a whole host of sensible modifications which include:

  • Custom performance map
  • High performance fuel pressure regulator
  • Larger injectors
  • Uprated turbo
  • Tubular exhaust manifold hand made in stainless steel

With our revised engine modifications you can expect a highly responsive motor with no flat spots, effortless torque and impressive fuel economy.

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