The Volkswagen Transporter is a highly customisable vehicle with an array of genuine factory and aftermarket parts. Styling a Volkswagen Transporter T5 couldn’t be any easier. With many variants of the Transporter and manufactures specialising in modified parts, you can tailor it’s appearance on at on a reasonable budget.

Colour coding

The most common styling enhance net is colour coding. With it’s large front bumper, colour coding the Transporter dramatically changes the appearance. We colour code most of our vehicles by removing the bumpers, mirror covers, grille and trims. All components are detextured and professionally painted by an approved body shop.


We can also further enhance the appearance of a Transporter by fitting front and rear spoilers. Rear spoilers are available for both barn door and tailgate models. The front apron consists of a PU apron which is fixed to the original bumper.

Sportline and Caravelle bumpers

We can also update the appearance of a Transporter T5 and GP models by changing the front bumper and headlights. The original T5 was fitted with a basic textured bumper and the Caravelle was fitted with a smooth colour coded version, this simple modification gives the Transporter a far superior appearance.
The later GP facelift model was well received as it is or just colour coded, again you can further enhance with a chin spoiler and splitter giving the Transport an aggressive stance.


There are 2 stages of modifications we offer for suspension:

1) Stage 1 – Upgraded springs – This will improve the handling of the bus and will be more pleasurable to drive on motorways thanks to it’s reduced height. With all suspension modifications we replace various bushes and drop links for peace of mind.
2) Stage 2 – The entire suspension is replaced with adjustable coil overs. With this modification we replace buses for uprated polyurethane ones and drop links. This dramatic enhancement greatly improves driving dynamics, both around town and at high speed.

For other modifications including performance upgrades please visit our tuning section.


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