The Portofino boasts a skilfully engineered layout with premium refinements. An adaptable luxury leisure vehicle with a difference.
For years we’ve been consistently refining the Volkswagen Transporter, and it’s not been easy. We’ve always struggled with the layout, it’s limited and restrictive, that was until the Portofino was designed.

Most Volkswagen Transporter Conversions and camper vans in general feature a rock and roll bed, although this has been a feature if many vans including the Volkswagen California, it’s always limited what you can do and what we can offer. For the Portofino we wanted a truly versatile design, without disturbing the layout and practicalities. Over the past 2 years we designed a seat and bed system that excels in all areas.

Using a factory Volkswagen seat that’s factory crash tested, the layout brings the seat closer the front allowing 4 passengers to sit face to face whilst having dinner. This open living environment gives the Transporter a whole new feel with a sense of space. This layout also allows use to create a truly sumptuous bed, far more spacious than any rock and roll bed. The seat is also removable allowing the owner to use as a huge load lugger.

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