Heater speed increases when in reverse or windscreen washer is used

If you’re the owner of a Volkswagen Transporter GP face lift van, you may have noticed that when you select reverse, the heater speed increases? Well it doesn’t actually increase, it automatically goes on to re-circulation. The reason for this is that when reversing, exhaust fumes could enter the cabin so to stop or reduce this Volkswagen decided to add this innovative feature to avoid any gases entering the cabin.

reverse gear

They’ve done the same for screen wash fluid, as many screen washer fluids and additives have a solvent smell or aerosolized bacteria from infected water entering the cabin. On the 14th of June 2010, the UK health protection agency announced the findings of research carried out on 75 patients. They found that plain water used as washer fluid could cause Legionnaires disease, it was noticed to be five times higher amongst professional drivers. This could be the reason why Volkswagen installed this features on Transporters after 2010.


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