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The Volkswagen Transporter is a highly customisable vehicle with an array of genuine factory and aftermarket parts. Styling a Volkswagen Transporter T5 couldn’t be any easier. With many variants of the Transporter and manufactures specialising in modified parts, you can tailor it’s appearance on at on a reasonable budget. Colour coding The most common styling […]

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The Portofino boasts a skilfully engineered layout with premium refinements. An adaptable luxury leisure vehicle with a difference. For years we’ve been consistently refining the Volkswagen Transporter, and it’s not been easy. We’ve always struggled with the layout, it’s limited and restrictive, that was until the Portofino was designed. Most Volkswagen Transporter Conversions and camper […]

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Volkswagen Transporter Portifino

The Volkswagen Transporter is now in its sixth generation. A truly remarkable vehicle that has evolved over a 60 year period, today it’s widely respected and is by far the most versatile vehicle in existence. The first generation T1 started of as a humble panel van, a vehicle designed simply to transport goods. Shortly after […]

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Specialist Volkswagen Camper Conversions